My first poem on this blog

Break ups are never easy, but never compromise on your integrity by staying where you are disrespected. Here’s a poem with a similar story:


Take Two

Heartfelt and joyously misled,

We met again at the wedding.

You frowned, I scowled,

It was a moment we’d both been dreading.


How was I to know that,

You were the best man?

Out of all the close friends she had,

That I’d be her bridesmaid?


You were hardly any different,

Except that you smirked a lot more.

It infuriated me to no end,

I forget how often you made me slam the door.


After months of angst and pain,

You had the audacity to show your face again.

How could have you expected

A reaction other than that of disdain?


Words were too less,

To let you know what I thought of you.

If it weren’t for the new dress,

Broken chairs and flying china would speak too.


To top it all you brought a new girlfriend.

Are you insane?

After all that you put me through, I was finally on the mend,

And you returned to ruin it all again.


If it weren’t for the bride and groom’s,

Insistence of your annoying presence,

I’d have kicked you out long ago.

Now, I had no choice but to feign tolerance.


You were lucky I was barefoot,

When you cornered me for a talk.

I stuffed my ears with cotton wool.

Stalking off as you tried to call me back.


It helped that you apologized profusely,

So the ear buds came off.

You looked so sincere,

My heart started to melt once more.


Till of course, she came.

I spun and left choosing to be oblivious,

You yelled after me exasperatedly,

‘I only got her to make you jealous.’


Stopping on my tracks,

I turned around slowly.

The girl was nodding and you frankly deserved a smack.

I didn’t know why my tears fell steadily.


You had me in your arms in no time,

It was as though you had never gone.

You proposed then and there and asked to be mine,

Smirking, I shook my head.


‘It’s not that easy.’ I said.

‘Also, you are too late.’

You looked as though your heart had bled.

‘Glad you said sorry, but I’m not falling for you again.’


‘You are too immature, to ask for my trust.

You toyed with my emotions far too much.’

Laughter and tears perfect on occasions deemed fit,

Life was beautiful as long as no one else dictated it.



Hi everyone,

I have never published my poems on this blog before, so I thought of doing it today. Take Two is one of my personal favourites 🙂

thanks for reading,

hope you have a great week.



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