The Littler Dreams

Pretend that you have all the money and resources in the world, there is nothing holding you back and you have the support from everyone who matters. Now ask yourself this:

If you could fulfill your greatest dream, what would it be?


My friend wants to be an actress but is studying law. Another friend has his own band, but is unable to continue because he got a job overseas. My ultimate dreams do not coincide with my life at the moment. I am juggling a job and college. Right now, quitting either is not an option.

I wonder, in twenty years will we all regret not choosing to chase after our dreams?

This weekend, as I sat all alone on Valentine’s day, I realized how unreasonable I was being. It was not only my bigger ambitions that I kept postponing, but even small goals that I would have liked to achieve. For example:

I like listening to the violin, watching Irish step dance, following tennis on television, seeing my favourite Youtuber bake a perfect cheesecake and sometimes feel a pang of regret. I would never know what all this felt like first hand.

So I asked myself a couple of questions:

What is keeping you from doing what you want to do? What are you afraid of?

The answers came sooner than I thought it would. A tiny voice in my head said to me : What if I am not good at it? What if I am a terrible musician, a horrible dancer and a pathetic athlete?

It dawned on me right then, that the only thing holding me back was me.

I certainly wanted to gain a new skill, I was willing to work for it but I didn’t have the most important thing in the world : Self Belief.

No one ever succeeds on their first try. A puppy doesn’t stop trying to walk if it falls down a few times. Failure is unavoidable, but giving up is a choice. end-of-life-dreams-and-visions-479718794

Is the regret later on, really worth giving up on your dreams?

You will only be the age that you are now, once. Are you really going to let fear keep you from achieving all that you want?

“If you enjoy something, you will find a way to do it.” these are the words my grandfather always used to say.

There have been many things that I wanted to do when I was younger, but never had the opportunity. But now I am older, and do have the chance, so why not take it?

I enrolled in a dance class, and started writing a blog. I have applied for an internship for a profile that matches with what I want to do. I asked my friend if she would take me to tennis practice with her next week and she said yes! I’ve tried my hand at baking, and although the cake turned out like an over burnt pancake, it felt pretty good to have done something. I’m trying again tomorrow.

I may not be the best at what I do, and as they say practice makes perfect. So it makes sense to start sooner right?

It may not be wise to follow a big dream without a safety net, so be careful and wary of loopholes. Leaving a secure job at the office, to follow a career in playback singing when you have a family to earn for, may not be a good idea, as success is not guaranteed. But giving up on that dream altogether is not right. This is why fulfilling the smaller goals is important.

Believe me, fulfilling even one dream, no matter how small will give you enough confidence to take on the next one. And eventually, one day when the time is right, you will have the courage to do the one thing you want the most.

I am not saying it is easy, but it is better than feeling unhappy about not taking the chance years later.


So have you thought of what you want to do? Not just the big dream, but even the little ones? Now is the best time to go ahead and do it.



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